Starter Parts&Labor $275

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Car Starter Replacement and Repair
What your car starter actually starts is the combustion process of your engine. You turn or push your ignition, and the battery sends voltage to the starter. By activating a gear connected to the crankshaft, the starter motor turns the engine over. The rapid clicking sound many associate with a dead battery is actually the starter relay failing under insufficient voltage from the battery. Like the alternator, an evaluation of your starter begins by testing the voltage of your battery.
When do I need to replace my starter?
There is no industry-standard replacement cycle for a car starter, and you may never need to replace your original part. But here are some signs that your starter needs to be replaced:
  • The engine won’t turn over, especially if you hear a loud click instead (and your battery is healthy).
  • The engine doesn’t crank consistently (and your battery is healthy).
  • The starter grinds for your entire drive (the starter fails to turn off).
Most cars replacement for refurbished starter parts and labor